Education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting poverty. However, countries lacking substantial educational infrastructure can face a number of unique problems: rural access, gender inequalities, child labor, and more. These problems required equally unconventional solutions. So here we are working to solve the education gap.

We create peerless programs with our approach of holistic, practical education and vocational training. We are based in Udaipur and working closely with the people to ensure no one lacks education.

What People Say

Vedagya is the best place to work. It helped me to develop my inherent capabilities and made me extrovert by giving a chance to present myself in various meetings, presentations and convocations.

Amit Bhatt

I worked with Vedagya Foundation for four years. It gave me a unique chance to develop my inherent capabilities with immense co-operation and familiar atmosphere. I would definitely like to recommend it.

Pradeep Pujari