For over 10 years, VEDAGYA foundation has worked with helpless people, not only to improve their material well-being, but to build stronger and more ethical communities. Through its programs on skill development for Agriculture field to promote Organic Farming and save cattle’s, health, education, sustainable use of resources, women's empowerment, youth development, child care and social enterprise. VEDAGYA foundation makes a tangible and transformative impact


Our main goal is to provide assistance and training to poor
farmers to advance and prosper organic agriculture, as well as to help the
vines used in their fields to be healthy and nurtured.


The main objective of Vedgya Foundation is to balance the

environment and To keep it safe.


VEDAGYA foundation is a Non-Government, Non-Religious, Not for profit Social and Charitable Organization working for Agriculture, social welfare, rural and health development

Bagger’s rehabilitation

Vedagya Foundation is currently doing survey, identification and rehabilitation work for the
people involved in begging, which has been started by Udaipur Collector under Social Justice
and Empowerment Department.
Vedagya Foundation has identified the people involved in begging outside the various squares,
temples, public and tourist places in Udaipur, persuading them and appealing not to do it and
sending them to the facilities set up by the government and training them to make them self-
reliant. Tries to make, whose full supervision and information is given to the government