Current Working Project :- (Bagger’s rehabilitation)

Vedagya Foundation is currently doing survey, identification and rehabilitation work for the
people involved in begging, which has been started by Udaipur Collector under Social Justice
and Empowerment Department.
Vedagya Foundation has identified the people involved in begging outside the various squares,
temples, public and tourist places in Udaipur, persuading them and appealing not to do it and
sending them to the facilities set up by the government and training them to make them self-
reliant. Tries to make, whose full supervision and information is given to the government

Ghar Ghar Gau Shala (Protection of cattle wealth of farmers)

Ghar Ghar Gau Shala program is being done to help those farmers who are still doing agriculture with the use of bullocks and are using indigenous manure, but They are not getting the full benefit of their hard work and they manage to maintain the house even then but they cannot take care of their animals properly. There is only such an effort by us that any donor who wants to help him according to his wish, he can help him by donating through our organization, that help is directly deposited in his account.

Organic Agriculture

Vedagya Foundation works to transport the food items produced by organic farming directly from the farmers to the general public, so that the farmers can get the full benefits of their hard work and the people of their health.

Women Empowerment

VEDAGYA foundation is a Non-Government, Non-Religious, Not for profit Social and Charitable Organization working for women empowerment, Child Education as well as agriculture, social welfare, rural and health development. VEDAGYA foundation is a premier organisation that is dedicated to provide the ultimate support to the people living in the back side of humanity. Besides doing welfare activities like Skill development, Livelihood generation, Health, Rural development, foundation works in & work with communities. We take utmost care in ensuring society’s progress in each and every respect.

Child Education

Vedagya Foundation works relentlessly with the mission to bring life-changing education to children in developing nations. Their core belief that also that the teachers need to continuously evolve  not only in teaching capabilities, but also as human beings, more joyful, loving, compassionate, and conscious.

Our experience suggests that community engagement and youth leadership can provide a potential solution to this systemic problem of education. Hence our model leverages local communities’ most active agents

Farmer Help Groups